Dovercourt Dance School
Please be advised that CASH ONLY will be accepted for photo sales. We no longer accept cheques and cannot accomodate electronic payments due to poor reception in school areas. Please come prepared.

Click the button below to order additional prints and gifts. You can only place an order if you have purchased prints during recital week at your school.

Orders will be available after next recital.

Location & Times

The photos will be on display and can ONLY be purchased until the recital ends.

Photos will be located in the hallway near the auditorium entrance. (Signs will be posted)


$15.00 for individual photos (5x7) includes a downloadable jpeg file. Available until August 1st.

$5.00 for group photos (5x7) Not available as a download

Extra copies of the same Individual or Group photo, $5.00 each, at time of purchase only

Everyone will be photographed but you are not obliged to purchase anything. If you purchase the individual photo you will be able to download the image file, at no extra cost, to share with Friends and Family. This offer applies to individual photos only.

Download photos